New Swimming Pool Features: Fountains, Slides, and Barrier Reef Pools  

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2012 in Articles

Homeowners seek out ways to enhance their pools. If you need to improve this facility, you may want to plan properly as well as consider extra features. You can include fountains, slides, as well as driving boards for your kids. You might also think of in ground barrier reef pools as an enhancement. You can add elegance to the spot by installing glass fences, pavements, as well as pool lights. Accessories like water dye, bubble producer, as well as inflatable devices are useful for pool celebrations. Here are some improvements you can do or add to your pool.

Water fountains

You can add fountains for various reasons. You could make your children satisfied by simply putting spinning as well as floating pool fountains. These are user friendly since you need not excavate water pipes. There are pool fountains that give the calming sound of a waterfall, making you feel near to nature.


To guarantee the protection of your children, you can decide on blow up water slides. Comparing it to the regular slides, your children can run as well as jump readily because it minimizes the chances of injury. Parenting experts advise this type of pool for protection, however, you might have to buy again eventually because it doesn't go very far.

Diving Boards

Diving boards are only appropriate for deep pools. Should you have enough space to set up one, install it definitely not other functions like fountains, steps, as well as slides. You can secure the standard of boards by purchasing from trustworthy pool businesses.

Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier reef pools have a clean as well as sleek design that minimizes sharpened sides. This type of pool has grown popular currently for its physical appearance. You can choose from various designs that shimmer in the sun. You can also make sure your security during earthquakes since it is adaptable to soil movements.

Glass fencing

You can protect your pool from unwanted visitors by simply mounting glass fences around. During cleaning as well as passive hours, these help keep track of the swimmers and lower the chances of break-in. You can put locks before going out for work or long holidays.


Pavements add elegance to the pool spot. You can even decide on floor supplies appropriate for moist areas. This also increases the security since you can choose non-slip pavements for your facility.

Pool lighting

Swimming pool lights set the mood through the night. Should you have a busy lifestyle, lighting equipment with various hues enable you to relax at night. You may also choose LED lights to save cash because they control the energy efficiently.

Pool add-ons

If you're organizing a swimming pool get together, add-ons such as a water dye, bubble producer, as well as inflatable gadgets help in entertaining children. You can keep the guests energetic by providing food as well as arranging a number of group games.

You could introduce these features to your pools. Plan properly, consider these items, as well as seek advice from trustworthy agencies like AUSTRALIANOUTDOORLIVING.COM.AU to help enhance the quality of your facility.

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