New Tropical Island Above Ground Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 06-14-2010 in Articles

If you currently own or plan on soon becoming an owner of an above ground pool, then you simply must check out the amazing new designs in above ground pool liners. They come in a wide range of styles but for kids it has to be the tropical islands designs.

Amazing New Decorative Above Ground Pool Liners

These amazing new vinyl liners depict the exact look of an undersea coral reef landscape right down to the last detail. Check out the sea creatures and plants that appear to almost swim right off the walls. It also extends to the pools floor as well.

Rocks, Coral, Crabs & Starfish Pepper the Bottom

Down there you have rocks, coral, crabs and starfish. Long streamers of seaweed that are rooted in the floor also climb right up the walls for an effect that will keep your kids transfixed. They just won't want to come out of the water.

Colors that are Molded Right into the Vinyl Liner

The nice thing about it all, is that the colors are actually molded right into the vinyl liner, so you don't ever have to worry about fading or chipping. Also these amazingly decorative liners don't cost a whole lot more than a standard liner and install just the same.

Give Your Pool a Whole New Look and Feel

Something like this can give an above ground pool not just a whole new look but a complete new feel that makes swimming in it so much more exciting for the young and the young at heart. Do beware though, that every kid in the neighborhood will want to come over for a swim.

Check Out the Tile and Pebble Vinyl Pool Liners

Now if you don't have any kids or your just not interested in the "undersea look" then there is a huge selection of designs that include pebble and tile. The tile above ground pool liners are incredibly realistic but the pebble liners are completely impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Absolutely amazing!

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