New Vinyl Pool Liners: Changing The Look Of Today's Pools  

by Pool Builders on 08-15-2011 in Articles

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So many incredible new development has come to today's newer above ground pool. More feature options, newer high tech materials, and of course better pricing options as well. They even have longer service lives too now but there is one area in particular where designers have had perhaps the most profound effect. That is in the actual vinyl liners that are now available in new creative designs.

It really is surprising how many surprisingly decorative styles and colors are now available, and perhaps the most popular of them all is the faux ceramic tile. Liners that can give your above ground pool the "look and feel" of real tile work. It's amazing how genuine it all looks too because the tiles aren't printed, or painted on. Rather they're "molded" right in during the manufacturing process.

Even so, it is an above ground pool, so you might be thinking that in the end it all will somehow look fake. The simple answer here is not if it is "done right" and it all begins with curved coving underlayment on the pools bottom edges to give it a nice rounded look. Then on the top end, a full 360 degree prefabricated deck covers the top edge and sides, so all that is left for the eye to take in is decking, water, and tile.

Then all it takes is a little bit of brushy landscaping around your exposed outer walls if you feel like it, and that's it. Pretty darn close to the exact same look of cement built in, only with one huge difference. That's that you didn't have to break your bank and shell out tens of thousands of dollars to achieve what you've done. It all comes at a mere fraction of the cost, and it looks great.

Then if you have kids you may want to take a look at what's available in "crazy new" coral reef and tropical lagoon vinyl pool liners. It's the same manufacturing technology, so the designs are molded right into the liner itself. Only this time instead of tile you get all the "flora and fauna" of a tropical undersea ecosystem. Colorful fish that look like they can swim right off the walls.

The big surprise though, is that all of these new and amazing developments don't cost a whole lot more than if you just go with standard pool. In fact if you are ready to start pricing decking, you might like to know that "square foot for square foot" today's prefabricated real wood decks are in fact cheaper than building one from scratch. They're a whole heck of a lot easier too because everything is pre-cut and ready to go.

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