Night out at its best!  

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2011 in Articles

I visited Panoramic Resort for a night out picnic with my friends. We were looking for some resorts where they had swimming pool & bar facility. We came across Panoramic Universal Ltd. website where in they mentioned they had a water resort near Panvel. Here we not only found the facilities which we were looking for but also the rate was nominal. As we had completed our graduation we felt we needed to rejuvenate ourselves. In total we were eight people enjoying our freedom after exams.
The booking was done by one of our friend. We reached the resort at around 4 in the evening. We booked four rooms for us as we were four couples. The room was air conditioned with spongy two beds & wardrobe. We kept our bags in our rooms; changed in to our swimming costume and moved into the swimming pool. The pool was very big to accommodate around 200 people at a time. There were many water slides in there. Some were really big enough to scare some of us. We had a great time but were tired after some time. We decided to hit the bar to sip in some drinks. The bar menu contains all the cocktails & mock tails we could think of. A bartender started serving our drinks with all the juggling acts. It was amazing watching a professional bartender making drinks with the kind of moves one never expect from them. We were really enjoying the act and simultaneously we were gulping down cocktails. After the fun we had watching the bartender's act we proceeded to have our dinner. We were a bit high after having loads of cocktails, so decided to finish our dinner quickly and to sleep after that. The dinner was lavishly laid on a table. We thought there might be more people joining us for the dinner. We were wrong; all these were prepared for just eight of us. The aroma itself was mouth watering. It was so deliciously prepared we ate till our stomach was about to explode. We were not in a mood for any activities after having such a wonderful meal. We all slept like there's no tomorrow.
Next morning after regaining our senses, we decided to explore the resort. We had our breakfast in our rooms. Every other order of ours were quickly prepared & served. After having breakfast we guys started with some workout in the gym. We warmed our muscles and later got ourselves engaged in adventure sports activities of Commando Bridge & free fall. It was fun. These adventure sports tested our stamina. The Panoramic Resort was very far spread across. The resort also host wedding & reception parties. They even had lawns where they could accommodate more than 500 people.
We had enjoyed ourselves in many good resorts, but the services were not good anywhere. So before coming here we were not expecting much from the service aspects. But after experiencing the services we got here we think this resort is a different one. The management here really thinks about their customers. We had a best night out at Panoramic Resort. We are planning again for a visit there very soon.

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