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by Pool Builders on 11-08-2009 in Articles

Keeping the backyard pool fresh and sparkling clean is a lot of hard work, it also needs a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are hard on our hair, our eyes, our skin and our clothing as well. They are also bad for the environment.

To lessen the impact that our big swimming pools have on the planet without giving up them up, we must commit to using only non-toxic pool treatments and services from reputable companies.

What kind of education or experience do I need?

Having previous experience as a pool cleaner would be a great benefit, but the knowledge you need needed lies in chemistry. You need to know what treatments will destroy algae, fungi and other pool contaminants but which ones are also safe for humans and the environment. You need to be able to read the signs on a pool to know what is growing there, without labs and testing kits. Developing a sixth sense for this work will put you one step above all others.

What kind of equipment do I need to start?

You will need a truck, and one that is as ecologically friendly as possible You will need the vacuums, hoses and assorted brushes for your tasks. You will also need your green chemicals, the non toxic items that will clean the pool water.

What is the biggest investment?

The truck and equipment will be the biggest physical equipment and investment. On the intangible side, your reputation and good name will be equally important.

Who is the competition?

You will compete against the bigger, more established companies. You will also compete with the ones who do it themselves, feeling knowledgeable having read something about "green" pool chemical on the Internet. If they do not damage the pool in the process, you may not have to compete with them for long.

What is the market size or market potential?

In your neighborhood, you may find a great number of pools and very few pool companies to serve them. You goal is for the numbers to be moderately close together. Otherwise it is preferable to have more pools than pool cleaners.

Where is the best location to open this type of business?

Although almost all areas of the country have at least a few swimming pools, there are some locations that use them far more each year. Look for areas of the country that use their pool three fourths of the year or more and you are well on your way to a successful business.

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