Non-Toxic Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2011 in Articles

Building a house with high eco-friendly standards can be a very responsible thing to do, especially in today's polluted environment, but it can cost you more while paying it off in years after the construction was done. However, more and more people appeal to this sort of house conventions, structures that not only protect people inside them, but also the entire environment around, by using less energy, water and heating and taking advantage of everything that nature gifted us from wind to natural lighting, cool climate or green materials. But once your house is done, few take into consideration the exterior structures that also require attention and consideration, everything from the outside garden to flowers, grass, furniture, and even pools.

Having a pool house can be very entertaining and healthy as well, not to mention beneficial for all ages from children to youngsters and grownups, but it can also become a quite dangerous thing if not treated with the necessary consideration. The average pool-guy cleaning it once a week doesn't help anymore to provide a friendly aquatic environment for its users, since there are dozens of other aspects to be taken into consideration except the clean water. Have you ever thought that your swimming pool can be toxic and even dangerous to your health? If not, find out that there are literally thousands of bacteria and germs that can be taken from the swimming pool water, leading to dangerous diseases and conditions such as conjunctivitis, fungus and other parasites. And while standard swimming pool cleansers are based on chlorine and similar substances, there are better, greener and non-toxic ways to enjoy a nice bath in the pool, by using alternative cleansers such as:

• Saltwater. Use a sodium chloride to keep your pool clean; and while chlorine is still present, due to the off-gassing of the salt, its effects are far less bad than in a conventional chlorine pool. Also, where possible, try using natural salt water coming from the seas - it is way better and healthier and due to its salinity concentration, it will keep you on the surface without too much effort.

• Ionizer. An ionizer uses copper and sometimes even silver ions to keep the swimming pools clean while it provides a silky smooth water feeling, similar to the one you have swimming in the ocean. By using this type of pool cleanser, you will drop off any chlorine or salt.

• Oxidation. A new, interesting method to keep your pool out of the danger is to use the process of oxidation; the methods consists of using an ultraviolet light or electricity with an oxidation system that requires a generator, you will keep your pool safe and disinfected.

• Sonic cleaning. Better, yet more costly, the sonic cleaning method uses a machine that produces ultrasonic waves in the water and destroys algae and all other possible dangers at a cellular level This type of cleaning also lasts longer than the average methods of cleaning.

• Ecosystem. However, if you want to truly be a green activist and bring your ecological principles outdoors, you can opt for a natural method to keep your pool clear and clean, by using natural plants and breathable bottom. This unique alternative is personally my favorite also, as for as little as $2,000, I can enjoy a real natural swimming experience and create a welcoming environment.

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