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The reasons for choosing North Cyprus as a holiday destination are legion âEUR" beautiful scenery, stunning villages and countryside, numerous restaurants and tavern, deserted beaches, historical treasures, shopping opportunities, a massive range of activities and much more. However, for our purposes here we will assume you have already made your choice of destination; the problem now is to choose where to stay. And here, the opportunities in North Cyprus also seem nearly endless!

In most holiday destinations, you are faced with a choice of different varieties of large, multi-national hotels with all amenities available and where the differences boil down to the type of room, the star rating, the number of swimming pools and the price. This is a perennial problem for holidaymakers, as no matter where you go in the world, the accommodation on offer seems to be just small variations on the same theme. Sitting by the poolside in Spain, you could frankly be in any country in the world and it is only the climate and the language that differs.

North Cyprus though, offers something totally unique. Here, you can certainly find large five-star resort properties with a wealth of facilities and amenities and where you need never leave the grounds of the hotel during your stay. Also, and importantly, where thanks to the exchange rates at present, prices are pleasantly low. However, in North Cyprus you will also discover a massive variety of places to stay. From the smallest to the largest, everything can be found here.

Tourism to North Cyprus started off as a very small affair, and this has resulted in a myriad of similarly small places to stay. Invariably family run, many of these comprise just a handful of villas or cottages built around a swimming pool with a bar and restaurant. Almost like a forgotten world of holidays, you can still find many examples of this type of property in North Cyprus. As tourism started to grow, so did the hotels. The next stage was the more sophisticated resort. Still invariably family owned and run, people started to expand their horizons and built combined properties, with a more conventional hotel building, a choice of restaurants, more than one pool and some expanded facilities, such as a health centre, spa and the like.

Before long, some major investors began to see the potential in the region. A few substantial properties have been constructed, all of which offer all the facilities imaginable. Mostly sea-front based, these hotels have private beaches and a stunning range of facilities. Of course, some of the owners of smaller properties have been keen to expand and you frequently encounter places where what was once a few villas and a pool, is now three pools, two hotel buildings, villas and a choice of bars and restaurants.

Overall though, North Cyprus still offers a range of accommodation that is incredible. Here you can still find the smallest hotels, some with less than ten rooms and a friendly atmosphere. You can also find enormous, sea-front resort properties with four or more pools, a choice of accommodation and sometimes as many as ten restaurants, cafes and bars on site. Plus all the properties in between. Not to mention all the small hotels located away from the main centres.

If you have chosen North Cyprus as a holiday destination, then congratulations. You have made a very wise choice. Now all you have to do is choose between the vast arrays of North Cyprus hotels!

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