Now Here Is A Digital Camera You Can Also Use In Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2011 in Articles

Many people decide to take their vacations at the beach or perhaps other places that have a great deal of water around and people don't want to take a digital camera which can be damaged by the water. Even if you do bring a camera with you that isn't waterproof, you might still end up missing plenty of great shots because you don't want to get that camera to near the water. That is on the list of important things about the Canon PowerShot D10, you don't have to worry about the camera getting wet because it is water proof. The reality that the particular camera is water proof is great, but also as this camera is manufactured by Canon, you know your purchasing a top quality piece of equipment. Although this camera has a lot of the same features as the new SD780 IS, the point that this particular camera is water proof really makes this camera the better option

Some good options that come with this camera are being rain proof or waterproof up to 33 ft, which is great for the majority of swimming pools or water slides, and having a freeze proof lens up to 14 deg F. If cuteness is significant, than you are going to like the looks of this waterproof digital camera. You can even set this particular digital camera to the SMART Auto mode, in order to let the camera do the difficult stuff for you. One more thing you will love is the built in stabilizer, this helps to ensure that you don't take any more blurry pictures. Since technological innovation has improved so have the digital cameras, making this particular model better than the prior models.

This specific camera includes a 2.5 LCD view screen that is extra bright so making use of it in the day time is not an issue. An incredible thing concerning this camera would be that it is going to worn you if it believes someone had their eyes shut in the picture. You won't have to be worried about a part of your photos being too dark as you can actually modify the contrast in the pictures. You could get great water shots, because of the camera's ability to photograph constantly. While you can set the adjustments of the camera by hand, many people like the auto mode feature. If you also take photos at night there is a setting for night exposure as well as for a number of other kinds of pictures.

A thing that I find really cool about this camera is that it is possible to set it so it only keeps one particular color in the picture. Of course as with anything at all there are a couple of downsides about this camera, there have been a few complaints that it is a little bulky. To be able to take photographs under water and a camera that will take being dropped if needed, is the key reason why this camera has to be bulky. There aren't any threads for filters, no RAW mode, and no lens cap, but it does have a scratch proof shield of glass. Although the camera includes a complete manual, the fact that the camera is so simple to use and self explanatory, a lot of you will probably not have to look at the manual.

For people with a pool you may really like the point that both you and your kids can use the camera underwater without worry. You are able to take photos while floating throughout the lake. Should you be looking for a good underwater digital camera, you should consider this camera. And furthermore, as it's manufactured by Canon you already know that the product quality is there.

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