Now You Can Heat Your Pool With a Solar Pool Heater Costing You Nothing For Power!

by Pool Builders on 12-08-2009 in Articles

Many homes these days have an abundance of great features, one of which is the heated swimming pool. Although this is a great luxury to have, many homeowners don't actually heat the pool or spa all that often! Why would they not do this? Because it is a very expensive proposition. Electricity is very expensive these days and it's getting even more costly as power becomes scarce. The power companies are desperate at this point as they can't power every home as efficiently anymore due to the high power consumption, so raising the price is one way to lower the use and force people to use less. Usually, the pool, seen as more of a luxury item, is the first thing to get cut off (the heat that is). It takes a lot of energy to keep the pool heated and often from cold takes a while to get it up to the temperature that is comfortable. There is a solution that's been around for a while now, but until recently hasn't been given enough consideration- Solar pool heaters!

The solar pool heater is essentially a set up that draws all of its power resources from the sun. We take the sun for granted way too much as it is offering enough energy to warm the pool and then some. Connecting the solar powered heater to your pool only requires an initial investment in the equipment and works all day. You can connect a network of solar panels as well as a battery or power saving resource (capacitor?) to your pool and keep it warm (or hot!) all day. With enough power storage you can generate power to maintain the heat at night for several hours each day as well.

The beauty is you won't need to tap into your homes power grid at all as all the energy will be free and abundant. Your power consumption is limited only by your power cell capacity and capabilities. You can add new cells at any time and simply network them to generate more power. The same goes for batteries to store the power. The more batteries the better as you don't want to waste any of that precious solar power by letting it escape!

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