Oasis in the desert  

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An oasis is small habitation that is found in deserts and plays a vital role in providing succor and sustaining life both for humans and beasts. These are normally found around a spring or a water body designed by nature. These water bodies are formed by aquifers and underground water streams that reach the land surface with their own water pressure. The occasional desert thunder storms are also a source of water and the soil formation of impermeable rock and stone in the substrata helps it trapping the rain water and retains it and this subsequently percolates to the surface.
This precious water body attracts a large number of desert fauna and flora and birds passing through these regions drop seeds which grow around these pools and helps in maintaining the ecological balance for the desert reptiles and insects bounding the premises. This is the beginning of the formation of an oasis.
Nomads and desert travelers have their settlements here and when needed dig wells for their needs. . They have their camels, the means of transportation and the vegetation here is used for fodder, mostly comprising of date palms which also serves as the staple food for man and camels.
The other source of food is what is cultivated in limited spaces directly dependent on the water sources. These by and large comprise of millet and barley and figs and olives and frugal use of water and farm land ensures that life goes on. The date palms play a crucial role in this terrain, it provides shade and supports other smaller plants to thrive and its palm leaves provide thatch roofing for the make shift tenements for the settlers.
Oases have played a vital role in the history of mankind and have been the deciding factor for the trade routes in the desert. Another important factor is the military maneuvers which have used the oasis as the base camp and taking control over the entire region. The success of trade and control of the trade routes hinges around these oases and the ease of accessibility for caravans and traders who need to replenish themselves and their animals with food and water.
The largest desert in the world is the Sahara in Africa and in the recent times deserts which were not visited by people have become tourist's spots with the leading names in the hospitality industry putting up their desert lodges, redefining desert comfort.

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