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by Pool Builders on 07-17-2013 in Articles

The best way to enjoy a summer weekend or holiday is with the entire family by the pool, taking a brisk swim or even relaxing at the spa. Nevertheless, even for people who can afford that luxury in their homes or visit a hotel with similar features, maintenance and cleanliness of the pool and spa is obviously of great importance. Imagining a poolside party with all the friends and relatives is great, but the thought of cleaning the pool can ruin all the fun. Not anymore! Beachside Pools, Inc. is the complete solution to all the worries related to the pool and spa areas. The company specializes in dealing with such services for both residential as well as commercial properties.

Having a perfect pool or spa not only requires the adequate space for it but also the proper equipment, without which these areas can't function properly. In order to ensure that these areas are not just clean but well-maintained, one must be cognizant of the suitable pool equipment and chemicals that are required. The highly skilled staff at the company, with more than 20 years of combined experience in pool and spa equipment and care, takes full responsibility in providing accurate and efficient services.

To enjoy a perfectly healthy pool and spa environment, it is important that one uses a trustworthy servicing company to take care of their needs. Beachside Pools, Inc. assures its customers not only the pool equipment and chemical check, but also serve as retail store for all important parts that may deteriorate and require to be changed during the servicing. For instance, they carry parts like pumps, heaters, and filters etc, which easily malfunction due to wear and tear, natural factors or even lack or regular maintenance. While completing the maintenance routine, they check the proper PH level, chlorine level and calcium hardness, which if ignored, may lead to skin rashes to people using the pool and may be very harmful for the children.

Scheduling an appointment with the company is very easy. They can be reached by phone or email, or even an online request. All one needs to do is to get hold of them and set up the appointment and forget the stress of cleaning and maintaining their pool and spa areas in the hands of the highly professional and friendly staff who ensure a hundred percent satisfaction to all their customer needs.

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