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by Pool Builders on 05-18-2011 in Articles

Opening your pool for the summer can be quite exciting. You might even hear your kids say "Mommy I want to jump in now! Remove the cover mommy!" Of course you know that there is much to do than remove the pool cover. But it will be better if it were just that easy right? Yes it will be easier but just isn't that effortless.

Opening a pool for summer can be an intimidating chore. But we all know, that it should be done. So it is better for us to take a deep breath, set our mind and gear up our hands and feet for major pool labor. Here is the step-by step guide to help you successfully open up your pool for the swimming season.

1. No, you cannot take out your pool cover just yet. As you would see, there will be some water build up on top of your pool. This is caused by the ice melting or humidity on your area. You can easily remove the water by scooping or pumping some of it out. It is a must for you to remove the water so that you will be able to remove your pool cover easily.

2. Put out all pool cleaning equipment.

3. Replace your ice plugs with the proper directional fittings.

4. Remove the cover from your skimmer opening.

5. Clean out your skimmer and wash your skimmer basket.

6. Hollow out any debris and dirt that are on your pool cover by using a skimmer net.

7. Remove your cover clips and water tubes and slowly and steadily remove your pool cover. You can have a friend help you in doing this, especially if you have a big in ground pool.

8. Scoop out all debris that are floating on the water with a skimmer and fish net. Do not give up. You absolutely need to get every single one. Just breath and be patient ok? You will get it done.

9. Test your water with either your water test strips or any water test strip that you have. It is time to know how your pool water is doing. Do not be depressed if you read your water test strip as pretty messed up. It should that way after closing it for a whole season.

10. Now is the time of truth. You have to adjust your pool water into its apt levels. Proper levels will ensure water safety for all swimmers. You have to make sure that all necessary chemicals is applied. Also, you would have to let the chemicals settle in and circulate in the water for almost 24 hours.

11. It is the right moment for you to take out 2 packets of good quality pool shock. Just remember to pre-dissolve it in a bucket of water before apply it into your water.

12. Put in algaecide in the water.

13. Re-attach your filter if you happened to take them in for winter.

14. Leave your filter and pool vacuum running for the next 24 hours.

15. On the next day, re-affix all your pool accessories.

16. Swim! Swim! Swim!

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