Open Water Swim in Orca Wetsuit

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2010 in Articles

Many triathletes train in the preseason in pools, ponds, and other closed enclosures to get ready for their upcoming triathlon. This article will include some things you will want to consider as your transition from this fairly calm environment into one with a few more variables than you would otherwise have to deal with during your training.

The first issue is safety. There are typically lifeguards, other spectators and trainers, etc, who will be available in your closed environment. When you start your training in the open ocean, there will not be the same level of attention on you. If it's possible, have some type of partner, preferably in a rowboat or canoe who is available for your open water training sessions. Always consider safety when you are designing triathlon training programs.

The second issue is buoyancy. If you've been training in the off season, especially without a wetsuit, there is going to be a transitional period in getting used to the change in buoyancy in the salt water. This will also be enhanced by your decision to train with or without your wetsuit in the fresh water. Mentally prepare for this transition and be aware of it.

A common mistake is to shorten the length of time in your warmup because you'll likely be wearing your wetsuit. This is a mistake. Take some time to warm up your shoulders, back, and legs before jumping in the ocean. The wetsuit (I personally use the Orca S2 ) will help you to warm up more quickly, but start slowly and acclimate to your full stroke and you go.

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