Opening Your Pool for the Swimming Season

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

The cold season is finally over and you are just thrilled for the swimming season. Certain people may think that re-opening a pool is merely removing its cover -- well, not quite. We simply cannot dip in just yet. There are simple do it yourself measures that we have to take to open our pools to get ready for the swimming season.

Now, you may have retained or removed your water for winter. There are different steps in opening your pool if you did either one. Don't worry there are corresponding instructions for each step that you may have taken. Let's get started.


You will need:

Pool skimmer net
Water Test Strips
Total Alkalinity Increaser
pH Increaser or Decreaser
Granular Chlorine
Chlorine Stabilizer
Calcium Hardness Increaser
Scale, Metal and Stain Control
Rubber Gloves

Reminder: Don't forget to wear your goggles and gloves.


1. Clean your pool cover. Sweep away any debris that is on the cover's surface.

2. If there is water on the top of the cover, remove it by using a pump.

3. Remove the cover. Have a family member or a friend help you with this.

4. Be sure to thoroughly dry your pool cover before storing it.

5. Remove all the freeze plugs that you have installed in the cold season. Put back all the directional fittings where they are supposed to be.

6. Put back your pool slides, diving boards, pool steps or stairs, railings and etc.

7. Fire up your filter system. It's time to clean up your pool. Keep it running for the next 24 hours.

8. Clean your pool. Skim the water for any floating materials or debris. Brush the walls and the floors of your pool and finally vacuum the water to absorb all the remains.

9. Get a hold of your water test strips and test your water. Water test strips display a variety of colors that have designated meanings. Get a pen and paper and list down the results. These results will tell you what chemicals to use on your pool.

10. Apply chlorine stabilizer to help your granular chlorine to function effectively. The sun tends to destabilize chlorine so it's best to use a stabilizer to battle off this effect.

11. Apply algaecide.


You will need:

Gas mask
Safety Goggles
Rubber Gloves
Water Test Strips
Total Alkalinity Increaser
pH Increaser
Granular Chlorine
Chlorine Stabilizer


1. Clean away all dirt and debris on top of your pool cover. Sweep them off and throw them in the trash.

2. If there is water present on the cover, help remove it by using a pump. Once you're done, remove your pool cover.

3. Remove all the water from your pool that might have accumulated in the winter season.

4. Do not be fooled with the somehow clear appearance of your pool. Clean it by acid washing your pool. Be reminded to suit up with your safety goggles, rubber gloves and gas mask.

5. Let your pool dry up completely. Once it's dry, fill it up with water.

6. Pour out the following chemicals; Total Alkalinity Increaser, pH Increaser and Algaecide.

7. Test your water with your water test strips. This will show you if you have to either increase or decrease your pH level. Do this after 2 to 3 hours after applying your chemicals.

8. Put in the chlorine stabilizer before the granular chlorine. Chlorine sanitizes your pool so be sure not to skip this step.

9. Turn on your filter and let it run for the next 24 hours.

A clean, sanitized and healthy pool is a must for all pool owners. Follow these instructions to help you start up the swimming season with a blast.

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