Options For Heating Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2010 in Articles

Everyone loves to have a heated swimming pool that provides warm water to enjoy even under cold weather conditions. As you let water stay stagnant in the pool, heat dissipates from the water rather quickly when outside temperature is very low and freezing. You have to look at various options to effectively heat your swimming pool.

Pool heat pumps are the most effective methods to heat swimming pool. These pumps heat water in various methods as water passes through the flow pipes. Different types of heat pumps are used in heating swimming pool water. The cost of the pump and the amount of money you spend for heating the pool greatly depends on the type of heat pump you use. You should determine the heating unit required based on temperature outside the pool and size of the pool.

Electrical Pool Heaters

Electrical pumps are, unsurprisingly, powered by electricity. These pumps pump moves hot air in the atmosphere towards water in your pool, thereby heating the pool. Ample temperature suitable for swimming in pools is 78 to 80 degrees and this is guaranteed by electrical pumps. Electrical pumps for heating pools are available at affordable prices, and are generally the most affordable initially of the options for heating your pool.

Gas Pool Heat Pumps

Pools are also heated by heat pumps powered by gas. These pumps utilize either natural gas or propane gas depending on the availability. If you are choosing to use natural gas in heat pumps, you should buy an appropriate unit. The size of the pump and efficiency of the pump greatly determines the amount of heating provided to your pool. You should choose a unit that suits your swimming pool size and surrounding temperature.

Solar Powered Heat Pumps

Solar powered pool pumps are becoming increasingly common. These heat pumps utilize solar energy to heat water. Water flows through solar collectors where sunlight is converted into heat energy to heat the water directly. This heat energy is obtained from solar panels installed on the roof.

You should compare multiple options for heating swimming pools before choosing one. Obviously, for average home users, the cost of the system is important. Electric heaters seem to be more affordable initially because once installed, you can pull power from the grid and run them just like any other appliance. To run gas powered pumps, you have to buy propane gas or natural gas depending on the model you have chosen. However, solar pumps do not require you to spend anything after you install the system because the solar power is available for everyone for free.

Even though electric pumps do not emit harmful gases, electricity is mainly obtained from various nonrenewable resources. Gas powered pumps are also not very suitable from the environmental perspective. Those powered by solar energy are the most eco friendly means to heat your swimming pool. Solar powered pumps are a bit expensive, but they have a short payback period. After the payback period, you can simply heat your swimming pool at zero cost and solar powered systems can work without any maintenance for 15-20 years.

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