Orlando, Florida The Perfect Business Travel Destination  

by Pool Builders on 03-14-2010 in Articles

There aren't many better choices for a business meeting or convention than Orlando. In fact it's hard to think of just one other place in the United States that can match it. From it's world class meeting and convention facilities through to it's fantastic theme parks Orlando is simply the best choice to do great business.

Orlando also offers business people the chance to bring their family with them. A chance to do business during the day and then some great venues to play at night. Business and pleasure travel is estimated at $31 Billion in 2010 and even in an uncertain economy that means you can be sure that your expectations will still be met. Sure there has been some down-sizing and stream lining in the area but that means stronger leaner companies who know they have to perform unlike other areas of the country where things have been cut to the bone ultimately leading to a drop in the level of service.
Orlando is still progressing and expanding. Evidence of this comes with new investments in major hotels such as The Waldorf Astoria, previously blogged about here, which opened in 2009 and the Orlando Convention Center which continues to grow to meet the needs of business conference and convention markets.
Another key factor for business travelers visiting Orlando is the availability of vacation homes. Vacation homes typically have three to seven bedrooms, one or two lounge / living areas, a formal dining area and something of an informal dining area by the private heated swimming pool. These homes make great choices for business meetings and for team building not to mention saving the business a bundle of money. Hotels can be expensive, what with having to hire a meeting room, reserving separate bedrooms for all attendees not to mention the cost of food and drink. It can all add up and that's where a vacation home wins. All homes have a fully equipped kitchen and nothing can be easier or more enjoyable than getting the team together to enjoy a home cooked dinner together.
Orlando is absolutely the perfect choice for that "business mini vacation". Great business, great venues to enjoy some rest and recreation and great weather make for a perfect business travel destination. Look forward to seeing you in 2010.
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