Other Uses for Solar Panel Systems and Solar Energy  

by Pool Builders on 07-02-2013 in Articles

Many people have made the switch to solar energy to bring electricity into their homes with fewer carbon footprints, less expense regarding monthly utility bills and control over their own energy future. The ability to connect to the grid and receive less expensive electricity allows for people to use electricity directly from the utility company on days where there is less sunlight, is a plus regarding the choice for solar based electricity brought into their homes. There are other uses for solar panel systems and solar energy use for those who want to try a smaller system first. A solar hot water heater offers the benefits of continual hot water and is far more sustainable than the old gas operated water tanks. Many people are opting for that as a starter point for their solar energy experience.

There are many other uses for solar panel systems and solar energy in homes today. Homeowners are trying solar lighting around their homes for security purposes as well as beauty. Some of these lighting systems operate with a small solar panel system that has batteries which are connected to sensors. They come in different forms. Some are rope lighting which is very flexible and can be put on stairs to light them up so that people don't fall in the dark. Some of these lighting systems are put at the base of plants, trees, and large rocks for dramatic effect. Most of these lighting systems operate with a rechargeable battery. When the light sensor reacts to darkness an automatic sensor switches the lights on. It continues to operate until the sun comes up and then the sensor allows the batteries to turn off the light until darkness approaches. Cities have found other uses for solar panels systems [http://myreviewboost.com/index.php/home-services/sungate-energy-solutions.html] and solar energy of this type for street lights.

Other uses for solar panel systems and solar energy [http://myreviewboost.com/index.php/home-services/sungate-energy-solutions.html] can be used by owners of swimming pools. There are many solar products that are available to people who want automatic cleaning, lighting, and heating functions without the increase in their electric bills. Solar pool covers operate without the use of electricity and can save pool owners a huge amount of money to heat their pools. These pool covers also reduce the need for constantly adding water to the pool by reducing the evaporation of water. The need for cleaning the pool is also reduced as the pool cover helps to keep leaves and other undesirable garbage out of the pool. These are just a few of the solar powered needs that can be fulfilled by the energy of the sun.

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