Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits - Bringing Fire to a Landscape  

by Pool Builders on 02-14-2011 in Articles

Years and years ago, mankind discovered the advantages of fire. Since then, the powerful energy source became an essential part of human existence. Today, landscapes and swimming pools look to capture the unique feeling of natural outdoor living. Any one of these natural outdoor living spaces should pay homage to one of the greatest discoveries of mankind: fire.

There are a number of ways to incorporate fire into a landscape. For a more formal approach, outdoor fireplaces can bring warmth to outdoor gatherings as they complement the home. While this idea wavers slightly from the naturalistic approach, one cannot overlook the power of a warm fire on a romantic evening. For the naturalists, fire pits can also be placed anywhere in a landscape. Fire pits can lay in small caves beside waterfalls. They can also be set back on the patio as a survivor-style fire pit. A fire can even be constructed in a quiet backyard nook for a rugged retreat.

Now, here are some advantages of including fire in your landscape or swimming pool. Fire Pits and outdoor fireplaces provide heat in outdoor living spaces after sundown. More generally, fire creates usable outdoor living spaces at night. In addition to heat, these landscape effects also produce dynamic, natural light. The intriguing light of a fire or outdoor fireplace dances if a gust of wind blows through the landscape, providing an active display of nature's energy. The excitement of fire sets itself above any type of artificial light source.

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces hold visual benefits as well. Fire pits can lay directly beside a swimming pool or waterfall. The design creates a beautiful balance between fire and water. The contrast can be exciting for guests as they set foot in a scene of nature's beauty. Outdoor fireplaces can also improve the aesthetics of a yard, possibly highlighting a spacious outdoor living area.

Technically speaking, these fiery components of a landscape can look beautiful in the sunlight too. On a hot day, stone fireplaces shed light on the home's architecture in unique ways. Customized outdoor fireplaces showcase perfect stonework. Outdoor fireplaces attached to the home can even feature new and exciting architecture as they extend up the wall of the house. Fire pits, during the day, blend into natural landscapes; fire pits are composed of crushed glass set on top of rocks, and they are gas-lit. When the fire is not lit, the they remain almost unnoticed. If noticed, the colored crushed glass creates an interesting display on its own.

Plan on relaxing at night in your back yard? Be prepared with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Fire should be included in every personal outdoor living space. Having been used for hundreds of thousands of years, the overall benefits of fire cannot be ignored. Now swimming pool and landscaping companies are renewing earth's most exciting energy with amazing results.

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