Outdoor Shower Enclosures Are Perfect For Pool Owners

by Pool Builders on 11-28-2011 in Articles

If you have a large garden and a pool and a bunch of kids always over at your house using the pool, one of the best things you can get is one of the latest outdoor shower enclosures.

Many times I will be out digging and getting filthy in my garden and I have to wobble around at the back door removing my shoes and filthy socks, only to have to run through the house dropping soil and mess everywhere to get to the bathroom to shower. I also noticed that my kids' friends that come over to use the pool are more likely to use enclosure than simply shower under an open standing shower. I insist that all the kids use the shower before and after swimming, and that often came with a few long faces. I realized that they probably wanted some privacy as they showered and changed, they were getting older and a lot more self-conscious and bashful.

Outdoor shower enclosures are really easy to put up, and the plumbing to the shower if you don't already have one is simple. You don't even need a drain for the water to go down; I just had a concrete pad made with a channel that drained the water out onto the garden. I am training a wisteria over the enclosure and it enjoys all the water it gets.

You can of course adapt any kind of shed design down to being suitable as a shower enclosure, but I really didn't want wood and people possibly getting splinters, and then the upkeep and cleaning is difficult, so I opted for a vinyl shower enclosure that has two compartments. One place to keep towels, swimming gear and clothing and the other side to shower. Just make sure when you look at new outdoor shower enclosures that they are going to have enough room to be comfortable to move around in.

Vinyl enclosures are also extremely easy to keep clean, I hose mine down periodically and wipe it over with a cloth, I clean the floor with the pool brush. I had the plumber fit a long chain with a handle to the shower head so it can be turned off and on easily, just remember to turn off the water to the outdoor shower enclosures at the end of the season, you probably won't be able to lag the pipes so that guards against any water in the pipes freezing then bursting the pipes.

Outdoor shower enclosures make sure that bathers do shower before using the pool and they can change in there without invading your house with wet towels and dirty shoes. I insist that everyone showers after swimming too, I don't want anyone going home blaming me for chlorine or swimmer's rash if they can shower off the chlorinated water thoroughly.

If you have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a pool, choosing one of the latest outdoor shower enclosures will be well worth the extra. Your carpets will stay that much cleaner and your bathrooms will be a lot more orderly by installing one of the latest vinyl outdoor enclosures.

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