Outdoor Swimming Pools Guide  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2011 in Articles

Whether you are interested in installing a pool for entertaining, recreation, health purposes or a combination of all three, the options for outdoor swimming pools can seem endless. Size, shape and style are all things to consider when thinking about taking the plunge and buying a swimming pool for not only your home, but your family too.

If you are looking for an inexpensive addition to your home, an above ground pool may be for you. With some costing less than $1,000, you can enjoy cooling off in those hot summer months in the privacy of your own backyard without breaking the bank. Some of the benefits of installing an above ground model are its ease of maintenance and cleaning. However, there are limits on size and depth, so this option may not be for you if your swimming is for health or training purposes where laps make up the majority of your time spent in a pool.

It is true that in-ground pools are pricier, but if you find swimming to be a big part of your recreational life, it could very well be worth it. Having an outdoor swimming pool that is in-ground provides more depth which in turn allows for a diving board and more fun! Pool lights, slides and even impressive water displays are all options to consider with in-ground pools. Another choice available for lap swimmers only interested in pools for the health benefits is a current machine. This creates a continual current in existing outdoor swimming pools that provides athletes of every level, from beginners to the seasoned swimmer, a way to swim constantly without having to perform flips.

The sizes of pre-fabricated above ground swimming pools are limited which may be a drawback for some if they are not looking to buy a more expensive custom-built model. However, if you are willing to have an in-ground pool installed, not only is the size customizable, but the shape, style and materials used are as well! This can be a very inviting choice for those looking to achieve a certain aesthetic to match their home dcor.

Pool shapes that look like everything from clovers to Key West are available. Materials used in the construction of outdoor swimming pools are normally aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel or fiberglass. Decorative tiles in a variety of shapes and colors can add beauty to pools while aligning with a color scheme you may already have in place with your home.

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