Outdoor Water Games Activities for Kids  

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2012 in Articles

Fun outdoor water games are a part of summer fun. When you start to check out the many ways that you can start to savor your summer, you will find that pool accessories are an easy way to enhance your pool time. The very best accessories in the pool can help you to add hours of fun as well as the youngest children entertained through the duration of the entire summer.

Water games are not only fun but in addition helps the children lose their concern with water. However, before you organize pool activities for kids you need to consider several things. The most important thing, that you’ve to think about, is safety. If you’re using the children to the community swimming pool, make sure that you pick the swimming pool with shallow water there be ample of lifeguards. If you’re planning the games in your own home, then keep your pool water shallow and then try to have one adult to one child ratio for safety.

Bucket Relays

For bucket relays, divide the audience of children into two teams. Each team have a full bucket, and an empty bucket having a line a couple of inches up in the bottom. Place buckets exactly the same distance apart, and children on each team will require turns trying to get the water using their full bucket up to the road on the empty bucket to win.

Parents could possibly get creative with what the kids may use to transport the water, as long as each team has got the same item. A sponge, ladle, or turkey baster work nicely. For kids who want to get wet, poke several holes in a plastic cup and let them know they have to hold it on their own head while they run to the empty bucket.

Water Bomb Games

Within the summer retailers sell small foam balls concerning the size of a baseball called Water Bombs. These super absorbent balls can be used as many games. One way to use these balls is perfect for a variation of Dodgeball.

In Dodgeball, place a complete bucket of water in the middle of the lawn and separate kids into two teams on each side of the bucket. Fill the bucket track of these balls so they get nice wet, and when the leader yells "Go!" all of the kids run for the bucket and check out and throw them in the opposing team. If a person is hit, he's out, and also the last person dry wins the sport.

Water Bombs can also be used for any game of tag. Assign someone to be "it" and he will need to chase another kids and try and hit them with a water bomb. When another child is hit, she becomes "it" too and go to the bucket to get a ball. Eventually, all of the children will get hit except for one, and also the dry one wins again.

Table tennis Squirt

Squirt bottles and water guns are wonderful tools for cooling off, and only one can be used in this game. Pair children up and supply each with an empty plastic cup, a ping-pong ball, along with a squirt gun or squirt bottle. One child supports the cup with the ping pong ball inside it about waist high, while her teammate must stand four feet back and then try to squirt water in the cup.

Based on "Summer Games" in Family Fun, as the cup water fills up, the ping-pong ball will float to the peak. The first team to float their ball from the cup wins.

With the sunshine and longer days, summer is a superb time to host a get-together for adults and kids alike. Organize a few of these water activities the next time several children need a fun way to cool off.

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