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by Pool Builders on 10-23-2008 in Articles

Owning and maintaining an outdoor swimming pool involves not just the purchase of the pool, but also the on-going care and maintenance of the pool and poolside area.

Paramount to the performance and aesthetics of any pool is the lining that separates the structural base and walls of the pool from the water that it contains. This barrier is called a “swimming pool liner” and liners can be constructed using sealants and tiles or a purpose made vinyl liner.

This article is primarily concerned with swimming pool liners of the flexible vinyl variety rather than the more traditional tile and cement approach.

Vinyl swimming pool liners

A vinyl liner offers a flexible and cheap alternative to more conventional pool liner constructions. It also offers a number of practical advantages and the ability to line an above ground swimming pool – something not possible with tiles and other lining treatments.

Vinyl swimming pool liners come in two different forms.

  • The first is called an “overlap” liner and its application is solely for above ground and semi above ground swimming pools where the top of the liner hangs over the lip of the pool walls. These liners are secured with clips or a facia and, whilst being “cheap and cheerful”, brighten up the appearance of a cheap stand-alone swimming pool.

The second kind of swimming pool liners [http://www.swimming-pool-liners.net] is know as a beaded liner and its securing mechanism and finishing treatment is more complex and more attractive than its overlapping counterpart. It also has a higher cost, both in terms of initial purchase price and on-site fitting.

Beaded pool liners have a beaded top edge that fits into a track that runs around the top perimeter of the pool just below the head of the side walls. The track is typically fitted a very short distance from the top of the walls to provide a clean and stylish look.

Vinyl liner comparison

When it come to vinyl swimming pool liners, the beaded variety have a greater cost, but also a much greater number of options when it comes to colours, patterns and finishes.

Beaded liners work with both above and below (in-situ) ground pools and the quality of their finish makes them almost indistinguishable from the traditional tile and cement structural linings of days gone by. Indeed, many older out door swimming pools frequently see their original tiles replaced by the “easy to install” vinyl liners when their life runs out.

Why consider a vinyl swimming pool liner

Whether your pool is an expensive in-situ pool, or a cheap stand-alone pool, a liner will enhance its appearance and protect the structure of the pool. It will also provide a soft touch to the pools sides and bottom surfaces and additional padding battens (underneath the liner) can be use to enhance this tactile benefit still further.

Swimming pool liners can last up to 15 years if the pool environment is maintained correctly, and their removal and replacement is a comparatively quick and cheap procedure when performed by a specialist.

Vinyl swimming pool liners offer utility, comfort, protection and great visual options making them the most popular pool lining system available today.

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