Owning the Ultimate Status Symbol

by Pool Builders on 06-14-2009 in Articles

The finishing touches of refinement and sophistication for any homeowner is the addition of the backyard pool. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to some of the nation's finer neighborhoods and residents of the area fascinated by the historic and beautiful surrounding of one of the countries oldest communities. In the suburban areas surrounding the historical downtown district where the Declaration of Independence was signed can be found many homes that are set on sprawling grounds with patios and a swimming pool.

To mark the success of the owner many back yards are being transformed into a resort style oasis complete with a masterfully planned patio and impressive custom built pool. Philadelphia is not typically known for its climate, however the summer and early fall months are the perfect temperature for relaxing on the deck or patio by the side of a pool in Philadelphia.

Beautifully landscaped yards that feature a rock garden surrounded by an imported tiled patio and custom shaped hot tub and matching swimming pool in a Philadelphia home are becoming more and more popular among the wealthy upper middle class. The ultimate status symbol after the fine imported luxury cars and the tastefully decorated house a swimming pool is the perfect place to host an outdoor barbecue for business associates and golfing buddies. Taking a swim before facing the day or just relaxing in the swimming pool after a long day of work in privacy without going to club or gym is a perfect way to start and end the day.

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