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Common to popular belief, we all rely on our specialists to the things for us. But they hold the key. They can charge whatever they want to charge and if we don't pay, we won't get those things we want. A pool is no different.

You can visit a huge department store or warehouse and find yourself anything from a baby pool to a nice size three footer that will hold about ten men at the most. That's one way to avoid the high cost of an in-ground swimming pool. It cools you off and does the job.

But what if you really want an in-ground swimming pool? Now you're looking back to the specialists and hoping that you won't have to sell a lung to pay for it. You have two kids and your other half staring at you with hope in their eyes while you look through your budget and see if it can happen.

That was until now. A new idea came up with the total do-it-yourself brainstorm and they found that it's easier to do it than one can imagine. Actually, it's nothing special and technical. It's just that all the construction workers and pool salespeople throughout the world would have you believe that you need them to install your own swimming pool. But think about it. What is a pool? It's a hole in the ground with water in it.

Remember as you go through with a completely do-it-yourself pool installation guide, there are things you need to check in your neck of the woods. Within a city, there are city ordinates that have to be followed. Construction permits might be necessary and noise requirements might have to be met. Most experiences, these things take a quick phone call to the city clerk and you'll get direction you need. Depending on your city ordinates, you might need a licensed excavator for the actual digging of the pool area. Just keep those things in mind before you start going at it and breaking the law.

Another note before you begin planning is that you need to put on your imagination cap. This guide will only cover the basics. The basics can be used for any sized or shaped pool. But you should sit down and think about your property. Then decide on a good design for your pool. Do all the planning on paper before you even begin to mark things off on your property and start working towards getting any city ordinance construction permit. For any part of this guide that you don't understand or are hesitant about, don't be afraid to ask questions of city administrators, construction workers or anyone else who might be helpful to you.

In assuming that that you are an intelligent person, who wouldn't do anything that would harm others or yourself. You also wouldn't take any steps until you completely understand what you need to do. A pool installation method isn't hard at all. But there are steps that need to be followed with attention to detail or you can be giving yourself bigger problems than it's worth.

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