Patching Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-26-2007 in Articles

Does your favorite family swimming pool have some cracks and broken tiles? Here are some ways you can patch things up! In this article you will also find some useful tips which will help you while patching your swimming pool better! Basically you need five things, they are Epoxy, Epoxy paints, pool supplies, pool trowel and some painting brushes. First of all you need to repair all the hairline cracks by patching or painting them with epoxy swimming pool paint or just give a coat with chlorinated rubber. These hairline cracks have to be patched soon as they tend to expand and chip. As for the patching of larger cracks, try reading the manual or the instructions that comes with the fiberglass patch kits (for swimming pools): the instructions will be clear and easy to do. If you find cracks or tiles broken larger than a foot, then call a qualified professional swimming pool repairer who can fix it. You need to remember that hairline cracks are sometimes normal, as they signs of pool aging.

You can get swimming pool repair kits from any pool dealerships or hardware stores which will have patch strips made from vinyl. These vinyl patches are water proof, so it can be stuck even under the water, so wear your goggles while working. All you need to do is, smooth out the water and the air bubbles under the vinyl patch using your hand or with the help of a flat tool to make sure that it sticks completely to the surface. If you feel the damage is too bad, then replace the liner as this might be costlier than fiberglass replacement than painting.

Here are some tips that might help you. Many people don't know where to buy the fiberglass patch kits. You will easily get them at many watercraft dealers, auto body supply houses, hardware stores and of course at spa and swimming pool dealers. Whenever if you see a crack, try fixing it as soon as possible. Actually the swimming pool's water can seep into the cracks and this will easily damage to the fiberglass' substrates and which will rot. If you find any larger cracks as already mentioned, call up a professional to inspect. As such lager cracks will cause severe damage to the pool and later it may begin to leak. At least once in three to six months, keep checking for cracks and leaks.

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