Pentair Pool Cleaners

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Pentair pool cleaners combine effective pool cleaning with simple, convenient usage and durability. Pentair is well-known as the seller of world-classpool accessories and equipment. They also provide a variety of residential and commercial, and in ground and above ground pools. So, if you are planning to purchase a pool or equip them with efficient maintenance units, Pentair is the ideal choice.

Pentair Pool Cleaners: Types
The range of Pentair pool cleaners can be categorized into three:

Robotic cleaners - These are powered by low-voltage electricity, rather than pool or booster pumps. Robotic pool cleaners have in-built filters, which helps reduce the usage of the pool's main filtration system. This leads to tremendous energy conservation, while also extending the life of the pool pumps and filter, and increasing the time gap between filter cleanings.

Robotic pool cleaners are also convenient to use, since you simply have to plug it in and place it inside your pool. Certain models even have remote controls, with which you can steer the device for spot cleaning from a lounge chair.

Pressure-side cleaners - These are attached to the side of the pool circulation system that returns clean, filtered water. Pressure side pool cleaners are powered by water pressure. They pick up dirt and debris from the pool bottom and collect them in an attached bag. Some models also have in-built hydraulic power plant for extra power.

A particular model of pressure side cleaners, Legend® II pressure-side Automatic Pool Cleaner, provides high energy-saving cleaning performance without using pool pump.

Suction-side cleaners - These cleaners are attached to one of the suction ports in the swimming pool. The suction port pulls the pool water out for filtration. Suction side cleaners are generally attached to the port which skims the water, or a separate vacuum port is installed for operating the cleaner. When the filter pump runs, it creates suction on the underside of the cleaner. The cleaner vacuum cleans the dirt and debris from the pool bottom and empties garbage in the pump strainer and filter through the hose pipe.

Different types of Pentair pool cleaners can be purchased at hardware stores or on the Internet. Since pool equipment and accessories are very expensive, many prefer purchasing these from online retail stores that provide quality products at high discounts. An online store known for offering pool accessories and supplies of the best brands is Visit the store today and obtain the largest discounts on the best branded products.

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