Pentair Sand Filter for Your Pool - Durable, Easy, Affordable  

by Pool Builders on 07-10-2012 in Articles

Though a Pentair sand filter will work on any sized pool, it is best suited for large swimming pools. The Pentair filtering system is quite heavy duty and will last for years and years even under the most demanding circumstances.

The Pentair filter stands out from its competitors in its construction and composition. Built of stainless steel with solid components and connections, the Pentair filters will withstand the toughest abuse and extreme water pressures even under continuous use.

The adage "you get what you pay for" is definitely applicable to the Pentair brand. Though only slightly more expensive than its competition, the few extra dollars you spend will be well worth it. And, you can still save hundreds of dollars by doing a little extra research and buying online.

Servicing most Pentair filters yourself is usually never a problem and couldn't be easier. The Pentair Triton line of products and be inspected and serviced just as easily as its smaller and less heavy duty competitors. Plus, you don't have to worry about excess internal pressure as the internal pressure gauge is located right on top of the unit for easy reading and safely accessing the unit.

Ease of use was paramount in the construction of the Pentair sand filter systems. All systems are designed for easy access and replacement if the need arises. With easy access to virtually all internal plumbing components, nearly all internal parts are threaded. Simply translated - this means that even the smallest and typically most difficult part to be replaced is made easy by simply unscrewing it and screwing in the new one.

Another feature that makes the Pentair Triton units stand out is a mechanism within the unit that ensure the sand is level at all times. Though this may not sound like much to the average lay person, it is extremely important. The sand inside a sand filter is constantly buffeted with surges of high pressure water. In an ordinary system, this would cause the sand to move and the system would lose its efficiency, effectiveness, and overall filtering quality. By keeping the sand level, the system retains its filtering quality and the swimming pool remains clean and consistent use after use.

Consistency, durability, and affordability have made the Pentair brand a force to be reckoned with in the pool sand filter market. Add simple operation and commercial-grade results, and it's quite simply hard to beat.

Want a swimming pool that is held to the same and better standards than most commercial pools - try a Pentair sand filter.

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