People Who Will Help You Stay Cool Throughout the Summer  

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2014 in Articles

There's no question that last winter was one for the record books. After being bombarded by record-breaking snowstorms, slipping on indiscreet sidewalk ice and freezing your tail off wherever you went, you've never wanted summer to arrive more quickly. Well, at long last, the wait is over and summertime is here to stay. Mounds of snow and frigid temperatures have been replaced by sunny skies and lush scenery. At times, you found yourself questioning if summer would ever arrive, but as you can see, your patience and resilience have paid off.

When doing battle with such a relentlessly aggressive winter, it's easy to forget that summertime has its share of faults. With the past few summers seeing a rise in long-lasting heat waves and devastating thunderstorms, you're liable to find yourself every bit as housebound during the summer as you were throughout the winter. Whereas you'd do anything to stay warm during the icy-cold winter months, you're now desperate to keep your home as cool as possible. In the quest to beat arid summertime heat, the following individuals can be your most valuable allies.

Pool Cleaners

Nothing is more refreshing than a dip in the pool at the end of a swelteringly summer day. However, as swimming pool owners are well aware, pools require a fair amount of maintenance. Without regular cleanings, backyard pools can turn into breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Since few people have the time or training to properly clean their pools, this task is best left to professional pool cleaners.

The typical cleaning service will visit your home once a week and give your swimming pool a thorough cleaning. They'll start by using a net to remove any leaves, twigs or noticeable pieces of debris from the water. Next, they'll empty out the pool's pump basket and skimmer before balancing out the chemicals and being on their way. Weekly visits from a reliable cleaning service are guaranteed to keep your pool sanitary and chemically-balanced all summer long.

Insulation Experts

In addition to preventing heated air from escaping your home during the frigid winter months, insulation effectively seals in cooled air from your home's air conditioner all summer. To ensure that cool air stays in your home, have a home maintenance professional visit your house at the beginning of summer and pack the structure's attic and exterior walls with durable insulation. Regardless of the season, insulation holds the key to maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

Heating and Cooling Professionals

Your home's central air conditioner is your family's primary line of defense against relentless summertime heat. That being the case, the results can be disastrous if your central AC starts acting up. A defective part, a clogged exhaust pipe or old age can wreak havoc with your air conditioner and leave your family sweating their tails off. Even the most reliable air conditioner has a hiccup every now and then, so it pays to have a local heating and cooling professional on speed dial. After opening up the device and giving it a thorough inspection, a cooling expert will be able to pinpoint the issue and remedy it in a timely manner.

Although most Americans find summer heat preferable to the chill of winter, failure to keep yourself cool can result in fatigue, exhaustion and heatstroke. Fortunately, in the fight against potentially harmful heat, you have a number of dependable allies in your corner.

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