Picking Out the Perfect Swimming Goggles

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2013 in Articles

Swimming goggles aren't just about making the underwater experience absolutely terrific and crystal clear. While you're navigating the beautiful world of swimming, your goggles are your ultimate protection. Helping keep chemicals like chlorine that are present in swimming pools out of your eyes, swimming goggles are all about protection and comfort.

So how to go about deciding which swimming goggles will suit you best? Here are some basics you must keep in mind to pick a pair that combine high performance with high comfort to deliver a fantastic swimming experience to you.

The most important thing about a pair of swimming goggles is the style (gasket or no gasket) and lens.

Classic swimming goggles come with a gasket and are made of silicone or foam. Traditionally, the silicone gasket goggles are the most popular. Because of their popularity, they're available in nearly every size, design and colour. They come in two shapes: oval and round. The oval shape is suited to those with a smaller facial frame and round works for regular facial frames.

The other type is swimming masks, that are bigger than gasket goggles but offer more support and comfort. They sit easily on the eyes, not exerting any strain and stay strapped on strongly. With minimum adjusting required, swimming masks are very popular with beginners and young swimmers who find it easy to slide on. Swimming masks are available in a variety of sizes that ensure a comfortable fit.

A recent introduction has been the Swedish goggles which are famous for having no gasket. They are designed to sit at the eye socket, without any appendage and that ensures less water drag. Professional players have favoured these in the past as they ensure greater focus and speed along with visibility. They do tend to leave an imprint around the eyes though and if you're not conscious about that, since the imprint only lasts a little while and are serious about competitive swimming; Swedish goggles are a good choice.

The lens of swimming goggles can be made of optical glass or polycarbonate. Optical glass offers less distortion but polycarbonate lenses are made to last. Durability is a big concern for those going for swimming goggles are you want your pair to last as long as possible. Polycarbonate lenses are strong and resistant to cracking and are available in a range of colours and tints. Some even have additional features like UV protection. Anti-fogging is a new feature that can help you out immensely while swimming and polycarbonate lenses support this.

Swimming goggles come in a variety of tints that you can opt for. It's always good to go for established brands like Speedo, Barracuda, AquaSphere etc.

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