Picking The Most Ideal Pool Cleaner For Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

Pool cleaners are one of the vital parts of a swimming pool to maintain the proper function of the pool and most importantly to secure the safety and hygiene of the swimmers. There are many innovations that are made to pool cleaning equipments so as to make it more convenient for both the swimmers and the owner of the pool.

There is the Pressure Side Cleaner that is one of the most popularly use in both residential and commercial pools. Basically, there are two categories of automated pressure side cleaners, the boosted and non-boosted cleaners.

The boosted cleaners contain a separate motor and pump from the pump of the swimming pool. They do not need a large amount of water from the pool pump, the low volume of water is brought to the cleaner pump and pushed to make the pool cleaner function.

This type of cleaner can be considered as the best cleaning equipment for all swimming pool utilization. They are convenient to operate and they are very effective in cleaning the pool, also, they are capable of holding a large amount of debris without affecting the swimming pool cleaners.

The non boosted pressure side cleaners perform off the pool pump. They take some of the water that is brought back to the swimming pool and send it to the pool cleaners. This type of cleaner is efficient aside from the fact that it does not work properly if the water feature of the pool needs the return of the water for operating, like the spa spill over. There are also cases that this type of cleaner may result to problems in the circulation of the water.

Other than the pressure side cleaners, there is also the Suction Cleaners which works following the principle of a suction. It works in almost the same way as the vacuum does. Using this type of pool cleaner needs a specific line for suction or a skimmer outlet. They are efficient in cleaning and they are capable of picking up very fine debris in the swimming pool. There is no need for a separate part for this cleaning equipment to operate.

It is necessary to be extra careful in making a purchase of automatic pool cleaners. Be sure that you have assessed your whole pool application to be able to determine what type of pool cleaner will be best for your swimming pool.

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