Picking the Right Pool Ladder

by Pool Builders on 02-15-2008 in Articles

Your pool is your backyard oasis, so when you begin to consider accessories like the right pool ladder, be sure to make your choice carefully. Ensuring that you have one to meet your needs perfectly is absolutely essential.

As you begin to think about the pool ladder, first consider your pool. If you have an above-ground model, your needs will be wholly different than they might if you have an in-ground pool. To that end, there are several different types to consider.

Above-Ground Pool Ladder Choices

A-Frame Safety Models provide you with steps both up to the side of the pool and down into the pool itself. In most cases, these are adjustable to fit any above-ground pool, and you can buy them with a variety of weight restrictions to suit your swimmer's needs. While most are made from different materials, choosing one made from high-grade resin is essential as it will survive both the chemicals in your pool and the outside weather elements.

A simple above-ground pool ladder offers steps up to the pool. From there, a small deck is available for swimmers to head into the pool, but no further steps extend into the water. This is the most cost effective above-ground pool ladder available, but if you have handicapped swimmers or those with difficulty getting in or out of the water, they may not be the best choice for your pool ladder needs.

Entry systems that include a gate are a great choice if you have small children. With so many concerns about drowning in above-ground pools, a gate is absolutely necessary in many cases. Most gates are molded to the frame of these kinds of entry systems, and with steps both up to the pool and down into the water itself, no better choice can be made for families with small children.

In-Ground Pool Ladder Choices

If you have an in-ground pool, your needs are very different when it comes to a pool ladder. You'll primarily need steps into the pool itself, but with those steps comes a wide range of choices.

Many pool owners choose simple stainless steel ladder-like steps with a handrail as their pool entry option. While cost-effective, they're not as attractive as you might hope, and if you have people with mobility problems entering your pool, these may not be the right option to meet your needs.

Increasingly pool owners are choosing wedding cake steps in lieu of a traditional pool ladder. With the largest step at the bottom, and a slip resistant coating on each of the steps, nearly anyone can get in and out of your pool with ease.

f you're looking for an attractive, yet inexpensive option, consider a set of traditional pool entry steps. Unlike the wedding cake steps, these do not change size. Each step is the same size, but with handrails on both sides, they can still be helpful to those with mobility problems entering your pool.

Before you purchase a pool ladder, carefully evaluate your needs as well as the selection available.

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