Piscine LED Bulbs - The Bottom Line  

by Pool Builders on 10-15-2012 in Articles

€Piscine€ is a French word which means €swimming pool€, thus a piscine led is a bulb that lights up a swimming pool. A piscine led is usually installed under the surface of water where it gives a brilliant and beautiful look to the swimming pool when filled with water at night time. Beautiful piscine led having bright colors shining from underneath the water makes a beautiful scene.
Firstly one should know what a LED is and what are its advantages over the other light bulbs. LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. A LED bulb is higher in price than any other bulb but once it is bought, it has a long life and most importantly it does not consume a lot of energy.An LED has a cool light which means that it does not emit heat when it is lighted. An incandescent bulb when lit becomes so hot that it is hard to even touch it with a bare hand. This heat is the caused by energy loss which increases its consumption and the life of its filament also decreases. It is cheaper in price which may seem its advantage but it is not, it consumes power of lot more price than what it saves you during purchasing. An LED is even cheaper in use than an energy saver that saves up to 80% of power as compared to a fluorescent tube and an incandescent bulb. An LED is used everywhere now a days because of its economy from an advertising sign board to car rear lights and emergency backup lights. An LED can also be called as a one-time investment. If used with a little care and it does not physically break by crashing on to something, an LED bulb can give from 35,000 hours to 50,000 hours of light. The best part is that it gives the same brightness and light as the incandescent bulb. A medium size room can be well lit by using just two LEDs.
The LED bulbs which are made specially to be lit under water are called the piscine led. A piscine led is more a decorative thing than being a utility. This is so because it serves the purpose of being a beauty enhancer more than being a necessity. Green and blue, purple and red all the colors look amazing with different types of side settings of the pool. A light blue color makes the water look very pure and clean and it is amongst the most beautiful colors of a piscine led. Nevertheless, these bulbs increase the visibility under water at night and also add to the beauty of it. A light than is supposed to light up under the water has to be water proof so that it may not get fuse by water or give any swimmer an electric shock. A piscine led can be installed in a pool of any size whether a pool of a very small size or an extra-large one, it always looks beautiful when the light is lit at night time.
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