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There are two heat loss of the selection will be based on pool heating.

1 - pool water 10 "C based on a starting temperature, operating temperature ~ 26 'C until

The heat requirement for heating.
2 - the pool surface and cover losses at location, swimming pool water heat requirement necessary to keep a esanjor certain temperature constant,

1 - The first heat the pool water:
1.1-heating supply temperature
1,2-pool water inlet and outlet temperatures
1.3 the desired heating time
1.4-Pressure drop limits
1.5-pool volume should be considered.
In general applications,

Source of Heat: 90 "C-70" C between the boiler providing hot water. In theory, this identification is correct,
practice, 70 "C/50" C parameter to be considered.
Pool Temperatures: 10 "C-in-26 ~ 28" C Outlet Temperature
Heating Time: 24-36-48 Time
Pressure Drop: Max. 30 kPa
Flow Values: and the heating system are made based on the volume of the pool.
The following chart flow quantities required depending on pool size and heating time are shown.

2 - the pool water temperature needed to keep a certain heat load, continuously added to the system against possible losses
heat. This heat loss:
2.1 Ponds walls of the natural heat ta…?„±m„±n„±
02.02 heat radiating surface of the pool
3.2 Evaporation
Displacement of the water depends on factors 4.2.
The pool water surface and the pool environment korunaks„±zl„±„?„± the biggest causes of heat loss. Anyway, the heat losses
Prepared taking into account the climate of Central and Southern Europe.

Hybrid Plate: Hybrid Welded Plate Exchanger Gasket Plate with tube heat that provides all the benefits of a combined e…?anj¶rdr plate. Hybrid APV plate with variable degrees of wide temperature flexibility.

Semi-Welded (Paraweld) Plate Heat Exchangers: Flow plates on the other side due to the lack of a side of the seal, which provides a safe and flexible use of semi-welded plate-type E…?anj¶rdr.

PHE Braz: Braz plate, compact, low pressure drop, with even higher thermal efficiency, low-cost esanjordur a platter. Enddtriyel single-or multi-phase heat transfer and cooling industry is an excellent choice applications

APV patented laser welding process with ParaWeld consists of two plates together kaynat„±lmas„±ndan. Every second channel source, the other side of the channel is provided in the sealing gaskets. There are several types of plate and gasket materials. APV patented Tri-Flash system can be direct expansion evaporation. APV patented Tri-Flash system is suitable for the use of direct expansion plate heat exchangers for evaporation


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