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by Pool Builders on 05-17-2011 in Articles

The value of our property is primarily determined by the type of structure we have built therein. If there are lots of improvements like fences and buildings including swimming pools, their valuation cost is higher. Any improvement we introduce enhances its market value and we consider our expenses as part of our investments that continue to appreciate the cost of our lands.

There are several improvements we could consider to add to our property like landscaping our pool areas. In our desire to improve our surroundings, especially the yard where our pool is located, several factors must be considered. The budget that will finance the activity, the plants that will provide the beauty, the fence that we have considered to enclose the property and the patios that we feel will add an attractive spot in our yard.

Any plan will never materialize without the corresponding budget. You don't have to break the bank when you plan to improve your pool area. You may start your activity on a phase by phase basis or you may opt to start using the cheapest material but without sacrificing the attractiveness of your place. Landscaping your yard using your own talent and materials will definitely cost you a small fraction of your budget if there is any.

The plants that we would like to introduce must have been thoroughly evaluated as to our needs and preference. There are tall trees that could serve as screens for our privacy considerations. If we choose to grow them around the property, it could shield us from unwanted onlookers as we enjoy our swimming pools. The right choice of plants could be long lasting as we could avoid future problem of changing the plants we fail to recognize their disadvantages. Like planting fruit bearing trees which attract bees and other insects are messy. Plants with wide invasive root system could damage our pools aside from needle-bearing leaf trees that could swamp our pools with messy leaves. Limiting your choice of plants from these types would reduce your maintenance cost on your swimming pools. What is more important is the added beauty the plants will contribute to your pool area.

As an added security, the fencing of the pool is a must especially with families that have little kids. Aside from its added attractiveness, it also provides peace of mind to the family as a whole. Likewise, a fence is a shield from outsiders and keeps the family's privacy intact. The fencing design could include some plants that could give an added cover for the fence bareness like vines or shrubs that could be planted appropriately. The lighting of the pool area is also a task that must be left unattended. The budget must include a provision for the lighting system of the pool for added security to the family.

Concrete structures like patios, gazebo and pool furniture will definitely add premium to your pools. Concrete rough patios or slip-proofed finishing for pool decks are a must in a swimming pool area. You may also opt for a rough brick designed patio but it needs to be cleaned of moss regularly to prevent it from becoming slippery. In constructing your pool patio, see to it that the pool users are secured against a slip prone pool deck.

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