Planning a Pool Party

by Pool Builders on 05-26-2010 in Articles

Start the party off in style with personalized invitations that complement your pool and swimming party theme. Die-cuts like the frog invitations from SanLori that feature swim goggles, a scuba mask, and an inner tube are always a popular choice (see link below). You can personalize them with any text and customize the frog's swim gear in either blue for the boys or pink for the girls. Other fun invitation ideas for a pool party theme include squirt guns, water slides, beach buckets, swimming suits, mermaids, fish, sunglasses and flip flops. To make your invitation even more personal, try a photo card from designer, 2 June Bugs. These cards feature your son or daughter's picture surrounded by waves, a beach ball and flip flops! Watch out though - the kids may want to don their swimsuits and grab their towels the minute they receive their invitation in the mail!

You can either host the party at a local indoor or outdoor pool or at your own house if you have a pool in your yard. For games in the pool, let the kids race using floating noodles or kick boards. Make it more of a challenge by placing someone in the middle of the pool as the "shark" who tries to catch the "minnows" swimming across the pool in the classic game of "sharks and minnows". If a "minnow" is tagged, they become a "shark" who then helps to tag the other "minnows". The last "minnow" left wins the game!

Another fun game is to have the kids jump into the pool while performing silly tricks. For example, if a player calls out "Alligator!" another player must imitate an alligator while jumping into the pool. Kids can also race across the pool while pushing an object such as an orange or a watermelon in front of them! If the kids are experienced swimmers, throw rings or little toys to the bottom of the pool and have each child see how many of the items they can swim down and pick up in an allotted time.

For older kids, go "pool jousting" by setting kids afloat in rafts, armed with noodles. When it's time to begin, the kids can whack each other with the noodles in an attempt to knock each other over (kids should probably wear life jackets to protect against the noodles and to also keep them afloat in the pool if they're less experienced swimmers.)

Some pools provide a separate party room for the cake-and-presents portion of the party. If the party's at home, you can deck out your house in a pool theme by making cutouts of fish and palm trees and hanging lots of blue streamers to represent waves. Place beach balls and old flippers around the house to add to the pool ambiance. Hand out party favor bags that could include towels, goggles, packets of goldfish and gummy fish.

When its time to regain all the energy spent swimming, serve a fun snack of gummy fish placed in blue jello! Kids can also make their own fish cupcakes by spreading blue frosting on top of a cupcake and covering it with gummy fish. Serve tropical beach foods like bananas, oranges, and coconuts along with fruit juice boxes, lemonade, and popsicles, as well as goldfish crackers for a theme food that adds variety to their exciting pool party!

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