Planning a Safe Pool Party

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2009 in Articles

A pool party is one of the most fun activities that kids can have growing up. Kids love to swim and be outside, and parents get the chance to swim and soak up the sun just the same. Additionally, it's a great way to keep children entertained for a long period of time with only a little effort on behalf of the parents. Nonetheless, there are still many different activities that kids and parents can do together, such as games and playing with pool toys. Any of these activities, along with just playing in the water are great fun, but parents should be aware of the possible dangers that can occur around pools. Not only are drownings a concern, but so are smaller accidents like slips and spills that can quickly spoil the day for a young child.

In order to prevent these possible problems, parents would do well to do a little research and planning before they head out to the pool. Even if it's one's own pool, planning will help to prevent accidents and will also help to organize the timing of any activities as well. With this in mind, here's some basic advice in order to help parents get started.

If a public pool is going to be used, check in advance on the scheduling of the pool. Aside from avoiding swim classes, these will also indicate whether there are group swims or young children swims. It is always better to have the pool just with young children. Not only is there more surveillance by lifeguards, but kids of different sizes can accidentally hurt each other unaware. This also keeps young kids from interacting with older people, who may cause problems or cause children to swim into deeper parts of the pool. Fortunately, there are usually barriers to indicate where children can and cannot swim in a pool. If a home pool is used, a barrier should be set up to keep children from getting in these areas.

As is understandable, children should always be watched when they are around pools. Even if a public pool with a lifeguard is used, parents should always have at least one person in their group who is constantly watching the children. A lifeguard is helpful, however they'll be watching the entire pool and aren't aware of the swimming abilities of each child as parents are. This also helps to make sure that children are enjoying themselves at a party, which is supposed to be fun after all.

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