Planning the Perfect Pool Party  

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2013 in Articles

Make a Splash this Summer
Make a splash this season by throwing an unexpectedly spectacular pool party. Most hosts assume swimming will be the centerpiece of a pool party and don't do much to enhance the experience. You can change that by planning for everything out of the pool with these suggestions, starting with the invitation. Invite guests to €dive in€ to your party with invitations shaped liked pools, or diving boards, flip flops, beach balls, or other pool accessories. Or just use bright colors such as lime green, turquoise blue, tangerine or hot pink to give your invitation a summertime feel and continue those colors in your d©cor around the pool.

Speaking of d©cor, get creative by letting pool accessories substitute for other useful items. An inflatable small boat or a child's plastic pool can become your ice chest. Use small children's pails to hold mixed fruit or veggie pieces and plastic shovels to serve. Hollow out a coconut or pineapple for use as a serving tray. Use overturned Frisbees and little bit of water to float votive candles for light on tables for nighttime parties along with tiki torches for an exotic touch. Seashell arrangements can also be tabletop decorations. Sample-size tubes of sunscreen work great as party favors.

As for the food, if your party is purely for kids, don't prepare a lot of food, since children will spend most of their time swimming. But you will want to have at least appetizers and nibblers to keep the party going on land for adults since not everyone will be in the water at the same time. Keep the food light, since your guests will be swimming at some point. Think fruits, veggies and salads. Try's Savannah Swiss Dogs or the Grilled Vidalia Onion Steak with an Onion Poppy Seed Dressing, which are great light touches that feed a crowd well. If you are looking for a delicious dessert that is easy for your guests to eat, try the Best Ever Carrot Cupcakes Avoid alcohol for swimmers; instead go for tropical fruit juice, soda, bottled water or tea. Since the food will likely be outside for long periods of time, consider food safety when planning your menu.

Casual is key for a pool party. Don't bother with too many tables; just make sure your guests have plenty of places to sit by putting out lots of beach chairs, patio chairs, beach blankets and extra large colorful towels. Set up a couple of large tables for snacks and beverages with plenty of paper or plastic plates, cups, napkins and utensils. And don't forget to place several trash receptacles out and about.

Set up a stereo and speaker system near the pool for some beach music to keep everyone in the mood. Put out all of your pool toys for both kids and adults. Swimming noodles, beach balls and squirt guns are inexpensive and will keep children busy and help adults get in the spirit. If you can, set up a volleyball net across the shallow end of the pool. But be sure to keep safety top of mind. Ask parents about their child's swimming skills and make sure you have enough chaperones to go around.

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