Planning with a Pool Builder  

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2011 in Articles

A pool builder will have lots of information to pass onto homeowners who are planning their pool. This structure will provide many hours of entertainment for the entire family. It is also an investment in one's home in terms of of money and energy. A well planned structure will be worth the time, effort and expenditure. There are several questions that need to be answered before the bulldozers arrive to dig up the yard. Here are some things to think about:

- What is my budget for this project? Overspending for anything is a bad idea. Becoming saddled by a huge debt will drain the enjoyment out of anything for years to come. A financially savvy homeowner will ask themselves "how much can I truly afford?" Once a figure has been decided upon, it's best to talk to your builder about your price cap. Don't torture yourself by looking at amenities that can't be afforded. Stay within your budget.

- How long will it take the pool builder to construct? Builders are experienced with scheduling and all the variables that might occur. They should be able to give a good ballpark figure for start and finish date. Not only will they have to figure out how long your project will take, they will have to look at their own commitments of manpower and equipment.

- What will fit in your yard? Every backyard is different. Not only in shape and size but in slope as well. A good contractor will be able to walk the perimeter of a location and give suggestions for sizes, shapes and types of pools that will fit comfortably. It's important to make it appear harmonious with the layout of the land. It's not a good idea to open the patio door and fall in. Leaving some space around the pool for landscaping and decking is a wise idea.

- How about zoning restrictions that the pool builder will have to deal with? Every municipality has its own set of zoning restrictions. Where a body of water will be, whether a fence must surround it and how it's built are all part of the building codes of cities, counties and states. Your contractor will know the ins and outs of permits that will be required and zoning ordinances.

- What type of insurance policy should be in place? It's wise to check with your home insurance provider to find out what type of liability protection must be added when a residence has a swimming pool. There also may be a temporary clause which will have to be added to protect the contractors' crew while they're working on your property.

A backyard and home can be made more livable with access to swimming and relaxation right in the backyard. If budget allows, waterfalls, spas and tropical landscaping can turn an otherwise dreary rectangle of land into a lovely paradise. It can provide many hours of entertainment for Mom, Dad, the kids, grandkids as well as friends and relatives. BBQs and parties can be a lot more fun when a splash-and-soak venue is right outside your back door.

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