Plaster Pool Finishes - How to Achieve Modern Looks For Your Pool With the Use of Plasters

by Pool Builders on 12-30-2008 in Articles

For a long time, the use of plaster finish has been very popular in adding the final touch for your pool. People have enjoyed its elegant touch to their pools. No other finish could be compared to its performance as this has been tested by time. The classic white appearance that it gives is still one of the most preferred looks of today. This is simply because your pool could look nice at a more affordable price.

As time changed, people have been exposed to various techniques of designing. A lot of people have opted for a more natural look, mimicking various landscapes that can only within the untouched lands or the tropical regions. Due to technology, people had the power to bring these wonderful influences into their backyard. Because of changes to preferences, the simple white plaster has also been tweaked to make it suitable for modern art and nature inspired pool themes.

Though white has been considered classic, some manufacturers have thought of different ways to make your pools look texturized and let your waters adapt various hue colors. In return, your pool can adapt that lagoon, deep lake or even ocean blue colors. On top of that, the texture that these new plaster pool finishes can give makes your artificial bodies of water safer. This is simply because it becomes skid-resistant.

How do they do this? It is done with aggregates. They are ceramic coated materials that are premixed or mixed on site. They are usually added to your classic white plasters to give off various colors and it gives a unique look to your pools. Other aggregates involve the use of quartz and stones.

While the use of aggregates has been one of the most sought after methods in tweaking the look the classic white appearance of your pool, others have opted for a tinted plaster. These are used in combination to your white plaster or other choice of colors. You can give a dramatic effect to your pool by giving it a shading look or even adopt the changing hues look. Therefore, expect that there will be dark colored parts and light colored areas. It is the perfect tool to give emphasis or highlights on areas with beautiful landscapes or even identify the deepest part.

While white plaster has been known to be the most economical way to add pool finishes to various swimming pools, the additional materials could slightly increase the price of your classic white plasters. And though plasters are known to be easily wearing out, the additional aggregates or tints does not guarantee that it will be resistant to any damage. The beauty of your pool can be maintained just as long as you do proper care. If you see signs of degradation, the best option you have is to have it replastered. At any rate, you will be able to do it years from the time you have applied it first. Probably 10-20 years, depending on how you managed it.

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