Plastic Filters, Paving the Way For Having Clean Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-31-2010 in Articles

The science behind the functioning of a pool filter is very simple. Whether it is diatomatious earth, cartridge or sand, the purpose of using them is to trap the dirt particles and prevent them from being released into the pool water. The filtration unit of a swimming pool filter clogs particles that eventually make the passageways smaller. Thus even microscopic particles get trapped in these passageways. Hence, the water that is released in the pool is crystal clear and free from harmful dirt particles.

There are many manufacturers known to have produced plastic swimming pool cartridges. These cartridges also termed as aquakleens, detailed in filters 4 less, are very effective cleaners and help to separate residual particles from the water that is released in the pool. There are many advanced version of such cartridges that are available in the market. Producers such as Hayward, Pentair, Unicel, Jandy and others are known to produce such magnificent pool products.

They are available at affordable prices and after an order is placed, the manufacturers ship their products to any region of the world. These plastic filters are being used by many swimming pool users as they are capable of removing suspended particles of up-to the size of 10-15 microns. The popularity of this product is increasing day by day as people who have been using them have given very positive feedbacks about such cartridges.

The reason for such positive responses is that, such cartridges make use of new technology and superior material such as 'polyester plastic' is used to build the filter. It thus actually cleans the water that is being used in swimming pools.

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