Play Angry Birds in the Pool: Why Not?

by Pool Builders on 04-30-2012 in Articles

Undoubtedly, the iPad is one of the most used entertainment tools at present. Its increasing ubiquity is inevitable because of the great benefits it gives to different types of users: from kids, to teens, to adults. It is and will continuously be the ultimate gadget for all. Probably one of the reasons why it is popular is that this technological innovation is thin, lightweight and convenient to bring anywhere. Well, of course, except in moist or wet places such as the beach or the swimming pool. But great as people's minds are, solutions always come to the rescue. Great inventions are born now and then, and along the introduction of the iPad come the products that safeguard the gadget from water.

There is a variety of waterproof iPad cases to choose from, and when choosing the best, always remember the product's effects on the functions of the gadget. There should be no significant change when the iPad is used with or without the case. The features of the iPad must still be usable.

The DryCase Folio is among the many brands of cases that efficiently waterproof iPad. The technology involved in this wonderful innovation is unconventional. It has a built-in waterproof speaker jack that allows people to still enjoy different voice applications. Also, one can watch films, listen to music, and make phone calls while in the water. Various tests were performed to check the effectivity of the case; these included full submersion. DryCase indeed completely shields the iPad from the water. However, after some time, the water sets off the touch screen, which greatly affects the usability of the gadget. But generally, the DryCase Folio is still a great case to purchase.

With virtually the same features as the other waterproof iPad cases, OverBoard is another excellent product. Compared to the physical appearance of the DryCase, OverBoard is not much different. The case is not custom-fit only for the iPad. It can also be used to enclose similar gadgets of different brands such as the HP Slate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other tablets with more or less similar dimensions. Once the case is applied, the device is submersible for about 19 feet. The brand promises that the touch screen functions are not compromised. Finally, as an added feature, the waterproof iPad case is manufactured using biodegradable materials that are certainly environmentally-friendly.

Choosing the perfect case for the iPad may be a hard task to do; however, one only needs to determine the two facets of the product: the protection it gives to the device and the effect in usability - if there is any - it gives to the gadget.

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