Play in Your Swimming Pool This Summer With Your New Poolside Basketball Hoop

by Pool Builders on 04-05-2010 in Articles

Is a big dose of summertime fun about to enter your life? I sure hope so. Ask yourself if those beckoning plastic-rimmed hoops of fun are about to make a splash on your poolside this year. In several ways pool basketball hoops are a bit the same as your typical basketball court basketball hoop. There is a plastic hoop and you can play a traditional game of basketball with it. The only difference lies in the fact that the poles that support the hoop are usually smaller, as players will be aiming for the hoop from the pool. Moreover, a poolside hoop has a weighted base which prevents the basketball station from sliding around or toppling over. While you don't usually hear much about pool toys, they have indeed been shown to dramatically increase summertime fun. Well I'm sure you can tell what's coming next. Is a new pool basketball hoop worth adding to your pool toy collection? Well that depends. Going up for your big slam during a tight summer time game of poolside hoops is sure to cause for a demanding strain on your need to engage in summertime merriment. And you'll need to have that oh so trustworthy companion of yours at your side as you are splashing your way toward victory lane between beers and summer hot dogs. Whilst your wives casually lie poolside and admire the view of your rippling muscles. Now come now, you wouldn't want to let this noon time delight slip away would you?

Does this sound fun to you? Let's make a go at it and see. Imagine your kids screaming and laughing in your swimming pool, desperately engaged in a rough and tumble game of basketball -- all in the safety of the pool's water. No cuts and bruises to be had here. No scrapes against the hard asphalt. Rather, a nice pickup game of pool basketball takes place, well, in the pool -- with the safety of the water to cushion your youngsters falls. A point of personal preference in choosing your new pool basketball hoop lies within trying to determine just how exactly you are going to mount it. Some hoops require concrete construction and quite a lot of labor to affix to your poolside. While others simply maintain their position by filling up a supplied weighted area with regular tap water from the hose. In any case, we're sure you can see, poolside fun does indeed await.

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