Playa Del Carmen Hotels and the Attractions Close to Them  

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For many people, Playa del Carmen hotels are great places to stay. The area is noted for its fine beaches and beautiful waters. Aside from this, there are also numerous places to visit and go to in and around the place to soak in the culture and life of Quintana Roo. When people are on vacation, they do not like to extend themselves too much to work but instead prefer to enjoy themselves with things that they like to do. While many of the places to stay in the area are located close to tourist attractions, it is also important o point out that some of the attractions of the place are the Playa del Carmen hotels themselves. Many of these three to five star dwellings have amenities and facilities that can encourage their guests to just stay within the vicinity to enjoy them. These facilities and amenities include spas, water sports facilities, good restaurants, children's amusement centers, swimming pools and many others which are sure to entertain guests.


For guests who can wrench themselves away from the resorts, they will be satisfied to know that this area has many cultural and tourist attractions which will spark their interest. One of the attractions is a theme park that is basically filled with animals, some of which people can interact with. Many children, and even the adults, enjoy The Jungle Place immensely because of the freedom they have to interact with the animals with a minimum of supervision. Although not all of the animals can interact with humans, those that can give a lot of enjoyment.

Another place similar to this is Xcaret, which is like a zoo with many other amenities that encourage water sport activities for visitors. It is not as close to most of the Playa del Carmen hotels because one needs to take a long trip, about an hour, before one can reach it.

Another worthwhile trip is the underground river, the Rio Secreto. It is not an adventure for those who are easily spooked by dark, confined spaces, but the swimming can be such fun, especially since it so thrilling when it is dark.

Cenote is also another underground adventure. More like a pool than a river, but the same sense of enjoyment. It is very thrilling to be swimming in pitch-black waters not knowing what lies underneath.

There are also a few ranches in the district that offers horseback riding tours for groups. Children can enjoy the tame horses and take their time with the tours. There are several kinds of tours to choose from which are sure to satisfy the guests craving for adventure.

Ruins are also located somewhat close to the city and are something that visitors should see. Many of the Playa del Carmen hotels are also located in strategic places that offer a glimpse and a feel of culture for visitors.

These are just a few of the possible tourist attractions that visitors can participate in and enjoy in Cancun.

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