Plus Size Swim Suits - Effective Tips and Tricks That You Shouldn't Do Without

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2010 in Articles

For many ladies, it is quite a challenge to go at the beach without being taunted a sun-tanning whale. After all, we do not go to the beach wearing long sleeves and long shirts that could hide our bulges. Thankfully, there is now such a thing as plus size swim suits.

The more you cover the more you are noticed

You could see numerous individuals committing swim fashion suicides if you visit the community pool on a regular basis. People do not want to show the world their protruding belly for fear of looking ridiculous. But they end up looking extremely more ridiculous when they take the plunge wearing boy shorts - which is ok, and surfing shirt - definitely not ok.

There are also some who, although comparably bigger with the others, have more fashion common sense. Swimsuits that would cover unwanted curvatures do exist after all. You do not have to end up looking the odd one out if you invest in plus size bathing suits.

Go for swimwear styled to hide what should remain hidden and show what should be seen

Plus size swim suits do not necessarily equate to large sized bathing suits. Rather, they are swim outfits that would look flattering on plus size persons. Examples of these are the tankinis, shortinis, swimsuits with skirts, and blousons. There is also the usual plus size bikini if you really want to flaunt it.

A tankini is a two-piece affair which is similar to a bikini. The difference is instead of the small bikini top which bares your tummy, a tank top is substituted. Shortinis have the same concept. Only, the bikini bottom is also substituted with the less revealing shorts. Blousons are bathing suits with large flowing tops and swimsuits with skirts are self-explanatory.

Mind the colors

Although all one piece swimsuits would cover your belly, some are not very effective in hiding the unsightly outward curve. Like any fashion advice for large women, it is best to pick a suit that is dark.

If you would opt for a two piece, try to play the combination to your advantage. If you have a heavy bottom, you could go for a dark colored boy shorts and pair it with a patterned tank top. If you are especially small in front, you could go for large floral prints to make up for what you do not have. Avoid a one-tone top that would emphasize the lack of curves in the right places.

Always be comfortable

Wear something that you know would not hike up your butt, would not interfere with your activities - skirts, for example, are sometimes distracting when you swim as they swirl around the waist. Choose a size that is comfortable and would not have you holding your breath even above water. Do not force yourself into something that you have seen looks good on others. It may not look tasteful at all on you.

In the end, the best plus size swim wear depends on the wearer. The more you try to hide, the more awkward you would look in your piece. So chill and believe that you look good. You will look good.

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