Points to Consider Before You Buy Floating Pool Candles

by Pool Builders on 04-01-2010 in Articles

Floating pool candles are an extremely desirable addition to your outdoor party, whether formal or informal. They add a distinguished, yet calming atmosphere to any type of function you may be hosting outdoors. Pool candles and garden weddings, well they should go hand in hand. Which type should you choose, what are the best candles for your pool, and what if you don't have a swimming pool? These questions to be answered.

You should choose your floating pool candles based on a few different things. Basically, look for the larger floating candles, say 2 inches or more in diameter. The bigger the candle, the more stability it will maintain whilst floating in the water.

Look at the shape of the candle. Some floating candles are in the shape of a bowl with a sunken middle, so that a breeze won't blow out the flame in the first puff. Candles that are wider at the top and taper into a smaller bottom are also good at maintaining stability and will keep on "bobbing" around quite sufficiently.

Color is also an important factor in deciding which pool candles to purchase. The first point to consider is the color of your candles to match in with your theme. A party for a bunch of teenagers may appreciate some of the more trendy designs. I've seen floating candles in the shape of flip flop shoes, produced in bright and funky colours.

If you are hosting a wedding, the choice of colors is astoundingly large and you should be able to find the right colors to match in your wedding color themes. There are traditional white and ivory candles. Then, if you are using some gold or silver items in your wedding theme, do not despair, there are plenty of gold and silver floating candles available.

It is also important to include the cost of your decorating with candles, and other accessories, into your party budget. This is extremely important in planning a wedding. However, do not forget that whether it is your simple dinner party, or huge 50th birthday party soiree, if you are planning on including a spectacular and original party decoration such as floating pool candles, it will cost money. Don't go overboard. Remember it is often cheaper to buy the candles in the bulk packs. Even if you do not use them all at one party, you will be able to keep some over for your next event.

Maybe you don't have a swimming pool. Yes, well we are not all so lucky as to have our own pool in the back yard. Don't write off floating candles just yet. There are plenty of other ways to use pool candles at your next party.

If you have a spa, add a few floating candles into the spa. Continue the decoration or theme, with a few candles around the spa as well if there is a deck area. If you have a pond with no fish, then this is a great spot to float some candles. Especially if the pond is set back in your garden, it will add somewhere for your guests eyes to be drawn to, and extend the party out past your back door.

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