Polaris 280 Cleaner For Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-21-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools must always be maintained neat and clean to maintain its beauty. It is not possible for a single person to clean the nooks and corners of a pool at a one stretch and this condition gave rise to the need for an automatic swimming cleaner. There are so many brands and models of swimming pool purifier in the market. But each of them works in different way. Polaris 280 Cleaner is the more popular one which works on the principle of water pressure. This model has a separate booster pump with the help of which all the dirt and debris are removed and will not allow the dirt to get clogged in the filter system as it has a filter bag. This pool cleaner helps to clean the entire pool in very less time.Maintaining a swimming pool manually is a very tedious task. Among the various pool cleaners available in the market, Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners is most famous for its all round performance. It can clean any type of pools irrespective of its size and shape.It cleans the pool by various methods like scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming. The main advantage of this Polaris 280 Pool Sweep is that it has a separate booster pump which is very much efficient in cleaning all types of debris.This swimming pool area purifier has two powerful vacuum jets with which it works extremely faster than any other automatic pool cleaners. With the help of a big filter bag it collects all the large debris like leaves, sticks, pebbles and it will not permit this debris to get clogged in the swimming pool filter. It can clean the walls, stairs and floor of the swimming pool making it spic and span.No matter with what your swimming pool is made of whether fiberglass, concrete, gunite or tit has a vinyl floors, the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners, is suitable for all of these. As its work is based on the principle of pressure, the main necessity for its efficient functioning is the water pressure. With the help of the wheels contained in the swimming pool area cleaner ensures smooth and free movement. It requires minimum maintenance due to the availability specialized parts like the booster pump, filter bag and the powerful jets, avoiding the work load on a single part and this facility ensures a complete and efficient pool cleaning thereby helps to maintain the beauty and purity of the pool.The Polaris Pool Cleaner 280, moves freely in all sides of the pool and accumulates all the larger debris and cleans the entire pool and avoids the need for the manual maintenance that takes a long time.

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