Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners: Highly Efficient

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2011 in Articles

Polaris 380 pool cleaners are highly suitable for in ground swimming pools. These cleaners are powered by triple jets and come with a separate booster pump. Considered to be one of the most powerful and durable pool cleaners, this Polaris model needs to be connected to a dedicated pressure line. This cleaner has the capability of sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming the bottom, walls and steps of a pool. The debris that collects in the pool is trapped in the cleaner's filter bag.

Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners: Other Features

Polaris 380 pool cleaners come with a one-year warranty and some exciting features that include:

1. Three jets that provide greater vacuum power and allow faster cleaning of your swimming pool.

2. Has the ability to clean and scrub the walls, bottom and steps of pools of any size and shape.

3. It has a unique filter bag that removes debris before it reach the filtration system. This results in a longer life for the filtration pumps.

4. Can vacuum debris of even larger size, pebbles and even leaves.

5. It works independently of the rest of your pool's operating system.

6. Comes with a huge hose.

7. The cleaner needs to be operated at a minimum number of wheel revolutions per minute with the optimal range being 28-32 RPM.

8. Polaris parts like the head and hose, and the booster pump are easily available in the market.

Advantages of Using Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners

Polaris 380 pool cleaners are highly popular because they take around three hours or less to clean an entire pool. Some other advantages include:

1. Their ability to clean even the bottom and thus minimize the human effort required to remove the hard debris that collects around the sides of the pool.

2. They help in removing all types of stains on the walls and make the pool hygienic and free of bacteria and fungus.

3. Since it works independently of the rest of your pool system, the natural flow of water remains unaffected.

4. Separate models are available for dark bottom pools.

Polaris 380 pool cleaners help you to ensure that the water in your pool is sparkling clean. The cleaners use suction power to lift the debris and other unwanted material from the entire pool. Like all other machines, these cleaners too need adequate maintenance and you can address many problems by ensuring that the cleaner is set for the optimal range of revolutions.

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