Polaris Booster Pump Information

by Pool Builders on 08-19-2011 in Articles

Many people enjoy having a clean swimming pool but do not have the free time required for this task. Some homeowners hire weekly service companies which vacuum the bottom of the pool but for the rest of the week there is debris on the bottom. What they need is a pool cleaner that is driven by a Polaris booster pump.

Obviously there are some cleaners that are better than others and the ones that are powered by the Polaris booster pump are the best. The pump gives the system an extra boost in water pressure to more effectively clean you swimming pool. No matter which on you choose, they are all better than manually vacuuming the bottom surface. By doing diligent research, consumers will have a system that will decrease maintenance time required every week.

This type of cleaner system may not be for everyone. A few of the down sides would be the extra cost of the pump and accessories needed to be installed. Some areas charge a high amount for electricity so the consumer would need to factor in the extra cost to run the system. Lastly you will have the maintenance repairs which can be costly over the life of the equipment.

As with any piece of equipment, some parts will eventually need to be serviced. Since this model is by far the most popular one, finding the needed parts will be a quick and easy process. Only top of the line components are installed for a long life. The most common item to fail would be the shaft seal and quick disconnect fittings, both of which are inexpensive. Be sure to inspect the seal for leaks, as an early detection can save you from having to buy a new motor. Since this is the most popular booster pump, you can walk into most pool stores and pick up your new parts the same day without the need to wait for an order to arrive.

There are a few requirements in order to install the Polaris booster pump. You will need to have a dedicated pressure line. You will also need a second timer to operate this pump. Next requirement would be a good electrical service. This version can be wired for both 115 and 230 volts. Finally you will need to have some plumbing skills. Overall this is an easy addition that will make a great improvement in the cleanness of your pool.

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