Pool Accessories To Revitalize Your Pool & Provide Years Of Fun  

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2012 in Articles

With the right pool accessories in place, a swimming pool can provide endless afternoons of amusement for both children and adults. Who doesn't remember the fun of cannonball competitions off diving boards, or the joy of scooting down a pool slide? You don't have to visit commercial pools or recreational water parks for these types of thrills; you can install the following products in your own backyard in just a few hours.

Diving boards: A diving board can be so much more than a diving board - just check out the DURO-BEAM aquaBoard, which includes an impressive waterfall. You can add on LED lights for a spectacular nighttime display as well. Each board can accommodate 250 pounds and would introduce a stunning bit of functional landscape to your property. Of course, if you are in the market for a standard board, there are plenty to choose from, from the all-purpose glass hide board with a wood core and fiberglass covering, to the corrosion-resistant, salt-friendly dive stand with spring.

Pool slides: Whether you go down feet or face first, you're guaranteed a good time. When choosing a slide that works for your pool and family, consider what criteria is most important to you, such as budget, size, speed, weight restrictions and safety. Pool slides aren't cheap, but they will provide hours and hours of fun for many years to come. The variety of slides available for residential pools is great, and includes options such as twists, 360-design, a closed vortex, a compact model that will fit nearly every yard, and tall, lightweight yet durable slides that can accommodate several hundred pounds. You can even pick slides that curve to the right or to the left, depending on where you plan to place yours. Many models are easy and quick to assemble - no professional assistance needed - and connect to your pool's return line for extra slippery fun as you slide down (it's up to you whether you prefer a light trickle or a raging rapid). Additional perks include UV resistance and weather protection. You will find that even if you intended the slide for young swimmers, most adults won't be able to resist giving it a try.

Although these types of pool accessories cost more than inflatables, they will last longer and add significant value to your swimming pool. Consider them a wonderful investment for your family's enjoyment, now and in the future.

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