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by Pool Builders on 06-01-2010 in Articles

"We were watching television when her mother called. I was on the phone for a while when I suddenly heard my Pool Alarm go off. I knew something was wrong. I rushed to our pool area and quickly grabbed Stephanie," her father Steven Graham explained.

Mr. Graham explained that he had equipped their pool with the alarm the previous summer. The Pool Alarm is an electronic device that sets off an alarm in the house when it detects movement in an idle swimming pool.

This lightweight device is very easy to install. Once it's set up, this alarm will always be on the alert unless turned off manually. It can't be deactivated; it is always in the alarm ready mode until you put it in Sleep Mode. If someone who does not know how to put the alarm in sleep mode attempts to remove the alarm, it will sound an alarm.

Its electronic sensor sends a signal to the remote receiver that is mounted inside the owner's house. It has a maximum range of up to 200 feet. Powered by a 9 volt battery which lasts for a year, the alarm is also equipped with an audible low battery indicator that sounds on both the device and receiver when the battery is low

"The Pool Alarm saved my daughter's life. If not for it, I can't imagine what could have taken place. If you own a swimming pool, you definitely need the Pool Alarm as a safety tool. This is really a lifeguard in your home," Mr. Graham added.

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